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Is a prenup part of your business risk management strategy?

Managing risk is an essential part of any business operation and while personal relationships do not often appear high on a business risk register, an acrimonious divorce has the power to devastate a small business. ‘While few anticipate or want ...

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Could my marriage be invalid?

Sadly, there are people who have believed they were legally married, only to find out years later their marriage was invalid.  This normally only comes to light when a relationship ends, or when one party to the relationship dies as ...

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Should you sign a prenuptial agreement?

Bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement can be as daunting as popping the question, perhaps more so as it raises the issue that the marriage might not last.  But how should you react if you have been asked ...

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Romantic contracts and cupcakes for Valentine’s Day 2020

The team at Miles & Partners Solicitors in London bravely faced the cold last week to take part in a Valentine’s themed bake sale for the 2020 Great Legal Bake. The delicious handmade cakes went down a treat with those ...

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First registrations of opposite-sex civil partnerships set for New Year’s Eve

Heterosexual couples looking to formally commit to each other now have an alternative to the institution of marriage, as new legislation has been approved by the House of Lords to extend civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples as well as same-sex ...

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Why more couples are in need of a pre-civil partnership agreement

With civil partnerships being more popular than ever according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, Michelle Uppal, family lawyer at Miles & Partners Solicitors in London explains how couples can safeguard their future with a little help ...

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Civil partnerships to be extended to heterosexual couples

The prime minister Theresa May has announced that the law will be changed to extend the option of civil partnerships to heterosexual couples.  This follows a ruling by the Supreme Court earlier this year that the current law is discriminatory ...

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An image of writing in the sand on a beach saying 'Marry Me?'

Civil partnerships move up the agenda for all couples

Decades ago, nearly everyone married in a church or had a civil ceremony at a registry office. Traditions change, and couples have tied the knot on mountain tops and under water. Two couples have even been reported to book tickets ...

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Does the ‘underdog’ have rights when presented with a pre-nup?

Pre-marital agreements are often insisted upon by one set of parents who may be concerned about the security of assets which they wish to pass on to their children. It is understandable that if you have spent decades building a ...

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