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Top tips when agreeing to a prenup

Over time and in difficult and emotional circumstances people can change their minds. A pre-nup will help to record the intentions you had in happier times and will show to the court how you intended to separate and on what basis you entered the marriage. Again, this will avoid the ugliness that a public divorce can showcase.

Top tips to securing a prenup:

  • discuss what you both feel is a fair outcome if you separate within the first three to five years;
  • agree what is separate and make a list;
  • do not leave it until the week before the wedding; remember to start discussing the pre-nup well in advance. Lawyers warn against entering into an agreement less than 21 days before the wedding day;
  • take independent legal advice on the terms; and
  • remember they are not unromantic but have been described as ‘an intelligent framework to start a marriage’.

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