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Testimonial: Rajea was very kind

The best thing about working with Miles & Partners is the massive support from the staff. Rajea Sultana was very kind and loving with maximum support. I really appreciate all efforts.

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Supporting a teenager through local authority care proceedings

Gemma Hodder supported a teenage girl over two years while the local authority pursued care proceedings for our client and a younger child. The young person had been living with her older sister, since her mother had died and her ...

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An image of Rajea Sultana, a Housing solicitor at Miles & Partners Solicitors & Advocates

Testimonial: Rajea was a blessing

The best thing about working with Miles & Partners was the fact that Rajea was so patient and attentive to all my concerns. She was honest but didn’t dismiss my feelings at all. Working with Rajea was such a blessing ...

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An image of a brightly coloured paper house

Testimonial: you don’t know how much your help meant to us

I have been having housing issue for a while, went to few legal support some didn’t even help they typed letter with mistake. When I went with a firm they took my case I explained everything they typed a letter ...

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Michelle Uppal, Miles & Partners Solicitors, London

Testimonial: your advice was invaluable

Many thanks for all your help on this. I don’t think that I appreciated at the start of the process quite what a challenge the divorce would be – I now do realise and am still recovering but am definitely ...

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Could my marriage be invalid?

Sadly, there are people who have believed they were legally married, only to find out years later their marriage was invalid.  This normally only comes to light when a relationship ends, or when one party to the relationship dies as ...

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A move to supported living in Sussex (even during Covid-19)

In April 2020, as the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic had much of the country in lockdown, Kaileigh Hazeldine helped a man relocate to less restrictive accommodation in Sussex. The man was 69 years old, with a diagnosis of bipolar ...

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Securing the right to see your grandchildren

The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can be very special and one that most parents fully support.  On occasions, however, access can be cut off or restricted, causing hurt and upset.  Michelle Uppal, family law expert with Miles & ...

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Testimonial: we won a case which on paper was near impossible

My case was very intricate and sensitive but Rajea of Miles and Partners was willing to take it on although many others had rejected it. It took well over six months to achieve a resolution but Rajea was so professional ...

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