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News relating to: Divorce and separation

Royal assent for no-fault divorce from 2021

After more than 30 years of campaigning by matrimonial lawyers, new laws to spare divorcing couples having to apportion blame for the breakdown of their marriage took a step closer in June, as a Bill seeking to reduce family conflict ...

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Virtual justice through remote hearings

Can families receive justice with remote hearings in the Family Court?

The Remote Access Family Court has enabled large parts of the family justice system to continue to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each day, justice is dispensed over the internet by judges sitting at computer screens often in their own ...

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Alternative ways of getting a divorce settlement during lockdown

It has been 11 weeks since the official COVID-19 lockdown began, and the doors of the family courts have remained firmly shut, leaving couples in the middle of a financial dispute in their divorce, in limbo. Although the courts are ...

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Family and children and coronavirus FAQs

We are living in worrying times and while we are all anxious about the health risks arising from the coronavirus pandemic, there are additional concerns for parents of young children. Alongside disruption to schooling and usual routines, there may be ...

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Seven steps of getting a divorce

The seven steps of getting a divorce: Step 1: Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) The government is keen to keep divorce cases out of court and to encourage a more grown-up approach to relationship breakdown. So before making a court ...

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Separation as a prelude or alternative to divorce

In the past, you may have chosen separation rather than divorce to protect valuable pension benefits. However, because the Court can now divide pensions this is no longer necessary. Instead you may have religious or simply practical reasons for choosing ...

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Grounds for a divorce

You must have been married for at least one year before you can divorce and you must satisfy the court that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. If you start divorce proceedings, you will be “the Petitioner” ...

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‘No-fault divorce’ on the horizon with new legislation

New legislation has been announced by the government to overhaul divorce law and remove the need for divorcing couples in England and Wales to assign blame. This move towards ‘no-fault divorce’ will reduce family conflict and so is warmly welcomed ...

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The benefits of a clean break agreement on divorce, even if you have no assets

You may feel overwhelmed with the changes you are facing as you go through a divorce, and quite often going from a household with two incomes to one can be a struggle. If you do not own a house or ...

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