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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

I don’t even know where to start with this review. I have so much to say about Rajea Sultana, but I also want to keep this a readable length – not sure if I’ll succeed at that.

My family and I got evicted in March 2022 (due to our landlord wanting his house back for renovation). We got placed in a hotel by the council and had to move rooms or hotels every 28 days. Me having a medical condition made this a nightmare and the council did not understand this.

In May 2022 I was advised by my support worker at DEBRA (organisation for my medical condition), to get in touch with Rajea and see if she could help me with my case. From the very beginning Rajea was an extremely good listener, caring, supportive and professional at her job. She listened to all my concerns, read my super lengthy emails and started fighting for me and my family against the council. She tried so many different approaches but the council would not budge in terms of housing us in a stable place, but Rajea never gave up on us. She never gave us an impression that there was nothing more she could do, instead, she kept giving me hope and reassurance that she would keep trying.

She helped me so much along the way in regards to getting out of unsuitable hotels, communicating with the council on my behalf (which took an enormous amount of stress off my shoulders), and helping me get what I deserve from the council.
She has been incredibly patient through it all and never failed to comfort and support me in times of stress where the council would stress me out with a phone call/email or move me somewhere that made my medical condition deteriorate.

It has been over a year now working with Rajea (15 months in hotels) and we are finally moving into what will be our permanent home today. Throughout this past year, Rajea Sultana has gone above and beyond for my and my family’s needs and making sure we feel safe and secure. I know for sure we wouldn’t have been nearly as close to the end of this horrible situation if it hadn’t been for Rajea. Despite not having much experience with Birmingham City council, she still came through with it with such success.

I will without hesitation recommend Rajea to anyone who needs a solicitor in their housing case and I believe she will succeed with every single one of their cases.

One thing I know for sure is that I will never forget the way Rajea Sultana changed my life for the better. Thank you ever so much for everything you have done for me and my family. I wish you and your family the best in life.

Maryam Ahmadi, housing client advised by Rajea Sultana

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