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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

“Lorraine Green is a star at Miles and Partners. She is an experienced and persuasive advocate. I witnessed her cross examine a consultant pediatrician in a broken bones in a baby case, and the Judge commended her on her style and focus. Lorraine’s cross examination was a turning point in the case and made a difference to the outcome for the child.

Lorraine is very respected by her lawyer colleagues and Guardians alike.

Lorraine is a skilled negotiator and has the ability to disarm contentious discussions between entrenched parties. Lorraine has a samurai style in achieving what she is seeking during pre hearing discussions.

Lorraine is a pleasure to deal with and has a good forensic mind when it comes to complex factual evidence.

Due to Lorraine’s experience she is able to take a global view of a case and quickly identifies the appropriate experts and what is fair procedure for all the parties to be able to put their cases at their highest.

I would be happy recommending Lorraine to friends and family.”

Stephen Lue, Barrister at Garden Court Chambers