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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

The best thing about working with Miles & Partners was the humanity and compassion of Lou Crisfield. I was never misled and all options were discussed to enable me to make informed decisions. I found Lou to be accessible, approachable, timely, honest, balanced and fair. I felt I had a case worker who was taking my plight seriously and would do everything that was feasibly possible to support my case.

I experienced her as my ‘body guard’ buffering and protecting me at a time of great vulnerability while having to face the threats from a large, intimidating organisation. I was fortunate and very grateful to her for her skills and application. I was highly satisfied with all aspects of service and at this point, I can’t think of anything that could be improved on. Thank you.

Housing law client advised by Lou Crisfield
Lou Crisfield, Miles & Partners Solicitors, London