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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

I cannot express our gratitude enough for how much Miles & Partners helped us. Jasper was the nicest and most patient young man who was willing to listen. Honestly, I cannot not thank him enough. Finally, by the end of the day I received a call from Rajea Sultana that she would like to take the case. As soon as I first spoke with Rajea, her initiative and energy immediately made me feel better and gave me some hope. Most importantly, Rajea is the nicest and most helpful person I have met in legal circles. Her professional, but also human approach truly makes a difference. She helped us with the case, she listened, and she was always available. Simply put – if you ever need help, Rajea is your person!

Anu, housing law client advised by Rajea Sultana and Jasper Blumenthal

Rajea Sultana


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Bengali, English
Jasper Blumenthal, Trainee Solicitor, Miles & Partners