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Sierra Leone: 50 years forward

Miles & Partners LLP (in conjunction with Freshfields and Law & Development) are pleased to be sponsoring Sierra Leone: 50 Years Forward – The View from Behind Bars – an exhibition of art which is to take place at Tooks Chambers (the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC and Patrick Roche) on Wednesday 3rd August 6.30pm.

The proceeds of the event will go to AdvocAid. Advocaid is a civil society organization which supports justice, education and reintegration for female detainees, and their children, in Sierra Leone. Founded in 2006, the organisation’s aim is to strengthen access to justice, including an increased ability to claim rights, for women and to empower them as active citizens through the provision of education, welfare and post-prison support. Advocaid also promotes access to justice, education and after care for vulnerable girls and women who have been arrested or are in prison. For more information on the work of AdvocAid visit

In 2011, Sierra Leone celebrated 50 years of Independence. The women in Freetown Female Prison created various art pieces during art therapy classes held by AdvocAid which formed an exhibition in Sierra Leone to mark the independence celebrations. For the first time in the UK these will be displayed along with a photo display documenting AdvocAid’s work and the stories of women behind bars in Sierra Leone

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