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Punch & Judy in amicable divorce

Collaborative lawyers from the City of London Practice Group have produced a quirky take on the infamous couple. Punch and Judy started performing in England in 1662, and celebrate 350 years this year. Michelle Uppal one of the producers of the video says “We are a group of 6 family lawyers who are all dedicated to resolving family disputes out of court. For clients who wish to work with their former partner, and have their own lawyer with them around a table, Collaborative Law allows them to have a voice and control the process at their own pace without the threat of court proceedings”.

Michelle who is also a trained mediator goes on to say “working Collaboratively with your own client and the other Lawyer is very rewarding. When you have both parties in front of you and another lawyer working with you, considerable progress can be made to resolve the most difficult issues. The process is enriched when you bring in family consultants, financial advisors and barristers who are all collaboratively trained to assist in the process. Anyone wishing to have an agreement put in place before a marriage/civil partnership or upon separation should seek advice from a collaborative lawyer, it could make all the difference to your family”.

To view the video please follow this link.

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