Peace in the neighbourhood restored

One set of anti-social neighbours is a nightmare for anyone, but Nikki P and her son were suffering from constant problems arising from a neighbouring house which was managed by the London Borough of Brent housing department.

The house was used to accommodate a series of particularly disruptive tenants who were noisy and disruptive, causing frequent and genuine distress to Nikki and other neighbouring inhabitants. 

Simon Marciniak

Having tried liaising with the council, and having been turned away by other law firms, Nicky ‘was worried sick and fretting big time about what the children and I were going to have to deal with’ when she finally got in touch with Simon Marciniak in the housing law team at Miles and Partners. Simon liaised with the housing department, emphasising that this was a repetitive problem and proposing that the council should at a minimum place conditions on the tenancy arrangements and improve the monitoring of the property. 

In fact, the council decided to withdraw the project from that neighbourhood which was a much more satisfactory solution for all the residents in the neighbourhood. 

Thanks to you we are a lot happier this year’ said Nikki who wrote to let us know that ‘We now have nice considerate neighbours. 

We were delighted to have restored peace in the neighbourhood,’ said Simon.

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