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Romantic contracts

Pre-civil partnership agreements

Congratulations, if you are planning a civil partnership.

In all the excitement of planning your big day, alongside many important decisions, you might also need to have a delicate conversation about a ‘prenup’, or to give it its proper (albeit unwieldy) legal name: a pre-civil partnership agreement.

If either of you are bringing significantly greater wealth to the relationship, say from a business or inheritance, then it is sensible to take steps to protect this in the unlikely event that your relationship ever breaks down and you decide to separate.

Alternatively, you may want to protect the interests of your children from any previous relationship.

We can advise you

Drawing up a pre-civil partnership agreement will help to reduce any unnecessary heartache and financial disputes if your relationship does not work out.

Our specialist legal team has a wealth of experience in handling the sensitive discussions, negotiating points of difference and drafting these agreements – without spoiling your romantic plans.

One of the best ways to negotiate the terms of any type of prenup’ or postnup is by using collaborative law, where your lawyers are at your side to give you legal advice and help with recording the terms in a formal written agreement.  They will discuss with you how you wish your joint portfolio of assets to be divided or ring-fenced in the event of separation and negotiate the agreement by your side.

Funding for legal advice or representation

Once we understand your circumstances, we will advise what funding might be available and discuss which payment options might work best for you.

Contact our matrimonial team

If you are interested in drawing up a pre-civil partnership agreement or need further information tailored to your specific needs, please contact a member of our specialist family team who will be able to help.

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