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Care proceedings & child protection

Female genital mutilation (FGM)

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is illegal in the UK.  Sadly, it does still happen in this country and continues to be practised overseas where it may also be known as cutting or female circumcision.  Girls can suffer grievously as a result of infection, enduring recurring pain and encountering problems with fertility and childbirth. It is carried out on young girls, usually before puberty.

Miles & Partners Solicitors is one of only a small number of firms with experience of this very specialist area of law:

For urgent protection from FGM

If you suspect that someone is at potential risk of injury in this way, contact us immediately (and the Police on 999).

Our specialist solicitors can apply for a ‘female genital mutilation protection order’ in the court.  This will prohibit anyone from carrying out genital mutilation on your relative or friend. If you think her parents are planning to take her overseas, under the FGM protection order, the court also has the power to remove her passport and travel documents in order to prevent the girl from being taken out of the country.  We will aim to apply for this order on the same day that you see us.

FGM and care proceedings

We also advise families when FGM appears in the family courts within care proceedings initiated by a local authority on the basis that a child has suffered, or is at risk of suffering, harm in the form of FGM.

Falsely accused of FGM

If you have been falsely being accused of conducting FGM, we can represent you in those proceedings.

Funding for legal advice or representation

Subject to your means, Legal Aid funding is available for an FGM protection order in some situations.

Once we understand your circumstances, we will advise what funding might be available and discuss which payment options might work best for you.

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