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No-fault divorce

Resolution through a working party set up by the National Committee are campaigning the government to get no fault divorce back on the agenda. At the moment you can only obtain a divorce by establishing that a marriage has irretrievably broken down (by fault of other party or a waiting period).

It is reported that many Resolution members are in favour of divorce by mutual consent either with no waiting time or a period of 6 months. We are pleased to report that reform proposals have been put forward by Resolution – but it is not an easy task. We are lagging behind our European neighbours as our current divorce law does not reflect how our society has developed. It is important that we continue to campaign for a change that is long over due.

Parenting after parting workshops (PAP)

Earlier this year Michelle Uppal attended a PAP workshop developed by Resolution & Christine McGee from the CH4 series “How To Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Kids”. Michelle has found the new initiative invaluable for any parent wishing to improve how children experience divorce & separation and we are recommending our clients to consider attending one of these workshops piloted in 6 regions in England & Wales. The workshops are 4 hours long either in 1 or 2 sessions. The standard fee for 4 hrs is £80 per person. If there are no safety issues both parents can attend the same workshop if they wish to. It is a pilot & once the value is demonstrated attempts will be made to persuade the government to provide a subsidy for low income parents.

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