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Miles & Partners support London Children’s Lawyers care proceedings event

Ritu Sood, an associate solicitor who specialises in the law relating to children and care proceedings helped to organise a training event for London Children’s Lawyers which was held at 7 Dials Club, Covent Garden Community Centre in London last night.

The presentation, ‘Best Practices: vulnerable parties and intermediaries in care proceedings’, was given by Naomi Mason of Communicourt and Sarah Branson of Coram Chambers.

Naomi Mason has over 30 years’ experience as a speech and language therapist and is a specialist in helping vulnerable people to communicate effectively in the family and criminal courts. In 2011, Naomi set up Communicourt, a nationwide provider of intermediaries who work in courts across England and Wales.

Sarah Branson is a family law barrister who specialises in acting for children, vulnerable parents and local authorities in public law proceedings. Drawing on her skills picked up during her time as a teacher, Sarah has developed valuable techniques to explain complex legal issues to vulnerable clients, those with learning difficulties and those from different ethnic backgrounds.

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Ritu Sood, Miles & Partners Solicitors, London

Ritu Sood

Joint Head of Family Department