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Miles & Partners expands family services to offer mediation

Miles & Partners are pleased to announce that our divorce and matrimonial finances partner Michelle Uppal now offers mediation services to Miles & Partners’ clients.

Michelle recently completed her professional qualification as a family mediator with the Family Mediators Association, a member of the Family Mediation Council and Association.

Family mediation is a process which assists separating and divorcing couples to resolve their dispute and negotiate their own agreed decision in a dignified and fair way and taking into account of the needs of all involved, including especially, but not only, where there are children. The matters to be resolved can include financial and property issues and future arrangement for children.

Professional family mediation can be a helpful and rewarding option to offer matrimonial clients. Referrals to FMA mediators will improve client awareness to consider their emotional, financial and practical needs. Recent research indicators reveal high levels of client satisfaction with mediated agreements, and a satisfied client.

Mediation can assist clients’ to look at means of managing their own affairs and recognising when they truly need legal advice.

Michelle says “I am able to conduct private mediation and I am accredited to carry out MIAMS (mediation information and assessment meetings). From 6th April 2011, with some exceptions, those seeking to make an application for an order in relation to children or finances, publicly funded or otherwise must attend a MIAM.”

Mediation has been placed firmly on the agenda by the Coalition administration and Miles & Partners recognises that in order to fulfil our commitment to offer a full range of family services to our clients Mediation is an essential service area and we are very pleased at this exciting development.

If you require further information or advice regarding our mediation services please contact Michelle Uppal on 020 7426 0400 or email at

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Michelle Uppal, Miles & Partners Solicitors, London

Michelle Uppal

Mediator and Solicitor | Head of the matrimonial department

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