Looking after
financial matters


If a loved one did not prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney and has lost the mental capacity to make decisions, you can ask the Court of Protection to appoint a Deputy to make decisions on their behalf about property and financial affairs.

If you are a willing and able family member, you can be appointed Deputy yourself, or you may prefer the support of a professional Deputy. Whatever you decide, Miles & Partners can help with:


Assistance For Deputies

Managing someone’s financial affairs can be stressful as well as time consuming. Our experienced Mental Capacity lawyers can help make the role of Deputy more manageable. We can advise and assist in matters ranging from negotiating care home contracts to ensuring appropriate state benefits are being paid.

If you need to travel abroad, we can monitor matters in your absence. And should you wish to retire from your role as Deputy, we can help you appoint a professional Deputy to take over your responsibilities.

Removing A Deputy

Deputies are supervised by the Office of the Public Guardian so if you ever have concerns about a Deputy, perhaps because you suspect the mismanagement of your loved one’s finances, we can help you to challenge them and seek their removal.

Statutory Wills

If a loved one has not made a will and no longer has the mental capacity to do so, we can help you to apply for a Statutory Will, approved and authorised by the Court of Protection.

Whether you are a Deputy or someone who could reasonably expect to benefit from a will, our experienced Mental Capacity lawyers can advise on the likely success of your claim, then help prepare the necessary Court application and act for you during negotiations.


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