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Liz Hurley & that ‘quickie divorce’

Q – When is a “Quickie Divorce” a bit too quick?

A – When the Decree Absolute has not been pronounced.

Michelle Uppal explains why:

Reports that Liz Hurley has obtained a “quickie divorce” from businessman Arun Naya are premature. The couple were recently granted a decree nisi at the Principal Registry of the High Court’s Family Division in London, the judge having ruled that their relationship had “broken down irretrievably”. However it is misleading to say that Decree Nisi brings the marriage to an end as there is a “cooling off” period of 6 weeks & 1 day which must elapse before the Court can pronounce the Decree Absolute which is the point at which the marriage officially ends. The idea of a “Quickie Divorce” is not correct as Liz is not free to remarry until the Decree Absolute has been granted.

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