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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

“Miles and Partners stand out in their field as they show real interest and empathy for their clients. This is so refreshing in a world where everyone is in such a hurry, time is money and often members of the legal profession find it so difficult to communicate in an accessible way.

The communication and assistance Miles & Partners offer is without exception, exemplary. Amanda and her colleagues will talk to the client (not at them or around them or to those supporting them) in an environment of their choice and will often travel to their homes.

Should a Barrister be required Miles and Partners source those who are able to spend the time to explain in simple accessible ways what is happening and what the client may expect.

Our clients require lots of time and reassurance. Amanda has the skill to be able to put people who are worried, frightened, not understanding processes or simply what is being said at ease. She has never made any of our clients feel different or that she does not have the time to speak to them.

Miles & Partners encourage the input of advocates and those who know the clients well to inform them and help to build working relationships. Miles and Partners will ensure that all the rights of our clients are observed, they will push for appropriate assessments by people with experience of people with learning disabilities. They will ensure appropriate time is given to allow for these assessments and that the clients fully understand what is happening and why. Their approach is consistent, reinforcing information and advice and always checking ‘did you understand that’.

People with learning disabilities often lack the support so they can continue to parent, Miles & Partners put the parent at the heart of the proceedings, highlighting the necessity for timely and appropriate support. Miles and Partners offer exceptional client care.”

LA, Crisis Support Officer, Learning Disability Experience
Amanda Dench, Miles & Partners Solicitors, London

Amanda Dench


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