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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

“I was first introduced to Miles & Partners through one of the partners in my firm. He suggested that one of its partners, Michelle Uppal, combined a comprehensive knowledge of family law and an extremely humane approach to dealing with clients who, because of the family law problems they are facing, necessarily find themselves in one of the most traumatic periods of their lives.

The very first client I referred was a foreign national, who was going through a difficult dissolution of his civil partnership. This was a particularly stressful situation since, in order to preserve his right to remain in the United Kingdom under European law, on the basis of his civil partnership with a European national, it was essential that the timing of the dissolution be such as to ensure that my friend acquired a ‘retained right of residence’ in the United Kingdom.

Those representing his partner were extremely combative in their approach. Michelle excelled in every aspect of the case:- 1) She quickly mastered the complicated nuances of the European immigration issues at stake. 2) Her warm and humane, yet at the same time highly professional, approach brought piece of mind to [her client]. 3) She proved masterful in her negotiating skills and ultimately defused a potentially inflammatory situation.

My colleagues and I, all of whom work in immigration law with a particular emphasis on family-related cases, have consistently experienced the same high quality of service from everyone at MIles & Partners. They have universally been able to understand the practicalities of the immigration issues at stake and to develop and execute effective strategies, which often involve the need to conciliate effectively when the other side all too often seems only to want to escalate contention.

Our practice works exclusively in a non-contentious area of the law and, all too often in our experience, firms specialising in more contentious areas have seemed all too willing to pick a fight for the sake of fighting, without giving a thought to the best possible negotiated conciliatory solution for all parties involved. Miles & Partners have, therefore, seemed a breath of fresh air to us as a firm which applies common sense in developing its strategies and consistently achieves excellent results through this approach.”

WG, Senior Partner, law firm which refers to Miles & Partners