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Kind things our clients and peers say about us

“I have the deepest appreciation and respect for Kate Hammond and her colleagues, and their knowledge about legislation, domestic violence, mental health and children’s developmental stages.

I have worked with Kate when interviewing children. Kate is fully aware of how to approach children and deliver a message at a child’s level of understanding and in a child-friendly manner. Kate is equally skilled in speaking to the parties, in a balanced and fair manner, presenting a neutral message and making sure that they understand her role, as a child’s solicitor, always bearing in mind child’s best interests.

Kate has impressed me in terms of her professional courtesy shown to the parties, her ability to stay focused on the key issues, her ability to challenge lack of parental insight and her ability to effect prolonged engagement with the parties to promote a positive outcome on the case.

Kate Hammond is highly skilled in representing the interests of the children and other vulnerable client groups in front of the Courts, as well as a robust legal advisor, helping and supporting me to make the best and safest recommendations for the children in my work.”

MI, Enhanced Practitioner, CAFCASS
Kate Hammond

Kate Hammond

Joint Managing Partner
Joint Head of the Family Department

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