Are you suffering because of
noisy or inconsiderate neighbours?


Whether you are a home owner or you live in rented accommodation, you could find your enjoyment of your home or garden spoiled by a wide range of factors. You may also find yourself scared to leave your home at certain times of the day because of the actions of others around you.

Perhaps the people upstairs have replaced carpets with hard-wood flooring without considering how this might affect the noise in your flat. Maybe heavy machinery operating in the area outside your home is disturbing your sleep. Or perhaps animals wandering in from adjoining land are ruining your garden.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with nuisance neighbours and can help you take action to deal with the problem so you can start enjoying your home again. We can even help if the nuisance is happening in a communal area or somewhere outside and you are unsure exactly who is responsible. For example, we can help you deal with disturbance and annoyance caused by alcohol or substance abuse in your area.

Funding the cost of legal advice

Although legal aid is not usually available for nuisance disputes, we can explore whether your household contents or buildings insurance might cover your legal costs or whether your case might be suitable for a no win, no fee agreement.

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If you are suffering with nuisance neighbours, let one of our reassuringly knowledgeable solicitors, each of whom is a member of the Housing Law Practitioners Association (HLPA), take your case on your behalf.

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