Is there a disagreement over
the reasonableness of service charges?


From time to time, landlords and tenants of residential and commercial property can disagree about the amount of money charged by a landlord to cover the cost of repairing, maintaining, improving and insuring a building. These costs are included in the annual service charge tenants are expected to pay.

The sorts of things a residential landlord can charge for should be set out in the tenancy agreement, and usually it is only costs that are reasonable in type and amount that are recoverable.

Disputes can arise where:

  • significant costs have been incurred as part of major works, such as the repainting of a building’s exterior; and
  • where works have been carried out which the tenants do not believe were necessary or which are not within the scope of the works that have been agreed, for example where improvements or refurbishments are carried out under an agreement which only provides for repairs to be undertaken.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with disputed service charges on behalf of both landlords and tenants, and can advise on everything from the reasonableness of the charges proposed to whether the charges ought to be reduced to take account of any failure to properly maintain a building.

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