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Residential landlords are expected to comply with strict regulatory controls as part of the management of their tenancies, whether this is in the area of deposits, local authority licensing or granting of tenancies to persons from abroad. The penalties for getting the process wrong can involve prosecution and heavy fines or a civil claim brought by the tenant.

Your letting might also be affected by a noisy neighbour or by a vacant property nearby that is being used for anti-social purposes. Such problems can make life difficult for your tenants and can also affect the value of your investment if it means it becomes difficult to re-let.

Our property solicitors have extensive experience in buy-to-let properties and are here to help you ensure you meet your legal obligations and to advise you on any difficulties you may encounter as a landlord. Based near Liverpool Street station in East London, we advise people right across London and beyond. We offer a comprehensive service, from initial advice to representation at court.

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