Is your deposit safe and
will you be able to get it back?


If you rent your home and you have an assured shorthold tenancy created after 6 April 2007, your landlord is legally obliged to hold any deposit you pay in a designated deposit protection scheme. This also applies if there has been any agreement to replace an older agreement made before this date.

If your landlord fails to do this, he or she can be ordered to pay the money into an appropriate scheme and to pay you compensation of between one and three times the amount of the deposit you paid. This is in addition to returning the original deposit monies to you if you have complied with the terms of your tenancy agreement, have not damaged the property and are up-to-date with your rent.

A landlord who fails to pay your deposit into an approved deposit protection scheme can also be prevented from serving a notice on you requiring you to leave the property and will also be prevented from trying to force you ought through the courts.

Our solicitors can assist you in negotiating with your landlord if they have failed to deal with your deposit correctly and can take the necessary steps to help you get your money back and claim any compensation to which you are entitled.

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