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your home and business property


At Miles & Partners, we believe that everyone has a basic right to housing and the safety and security to lead a normal home life. We also believe that businesses have the right to use their property in the most cost-effective, profitable and successful way. We are proud to act for everyone, whether you are a home owner, landlord or tenant. We can advise and support you no matter where you are on the property ladder. Our services include:

Helping the homeless – even if you have a roof over your head you could still be considered homeless if you do not have any rights to stay where you live or your home is unsuitable for you and your family. We have extensive experience in helping young people and vulnerable adults.

Helping residential tenants – if there are problems with the property that you rent to live in, we can help you stand up to an unscrupulous private landlord or a bureaucratic local authority or housing association. We can help with a range of problems, such as:

  • rent arrears;
  • possession proceedings;
  • housing allocation or tenancy transfer;
  • housing and community care
  • harassment and unlawful evictions; and
  • anti social behaviour.

Helping buy-to-let landlords – residential landlords need to comply with strict regulations regarding the safety of their property and the handling of deposits. However, even the most diligent landlord can encounter problems outside their control and find themselves in need of expert legal advice.

Commercial landlords and tenants – whether you are leasing out commercial property or taking a lease on premises from which to run your business, it is important to have sound legal advice if a dispute arises. We can assist with all aspects of lease negotiation and in resolving disputes over service charges, break clauses and breach of covenant.

Our housing and property solicitors are based near Liverpool Street station in East London, and advise property owners and occupiers, landlords and tenants right across London and beyond. We offer a comprehensive service, from initial advice to representation at court except that we do not represent residential landlords in taking possession proceedings against tenants.

Funding the cost of legal advice

We will consider all options to fund the costs of your case, including legal aid, insurance and no win, no fee agreements if available and appropriate to your situation.

Contact us for expert legal advice

If you are involved in a housing or property dispute, let one of our reassuringly knowledgeable solicitors, each of whom is a member of the Housing Law Practitioners Association (HLPA), take your case on your behalf.
Contact our housing and property lawyers today, we are ready and waiting to help.