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support more productive employees


We understand that your role as HR manager or director is to support your employees to ensure that your organisation runs smoothly and that an employee benefits package is just one of the tools at your disposal.

Employee benefits often include health screening, health insurance and health club membership, childcare vouchers, season ticket loans and flexible pension schemes among other useful incentives. But our work with HR managers and directors reveals that legal services are rarely included as employee benefits.

Even when legal services are part of a package, the remote, anonymous telephone support on offer may do little to reassure an employee distressed by issues including relationship breakdown, inheritance disputes or securing the best interests of a parent with Alzheimer’s.

Right on the edge of the City of London, Miles & Partners offers more personal, face to face support for employees facing legal problems. Our award-winning solicitors aim to shoulder the legal concerns of your employees, allowing them to focus more fully on their work.

If the success of your organisation relies on happy, productive employees, talk to Miles & Partners about our range of employee benefit friendly legal services.