The scheme comes in response to growing concerns about the complexity of welfare proceedings in the Court of Protection and the need to ensure those representing patients in cases before the court are properly trained, suitably experienced and working to approved standards.

The scheme will only apply to welfare proceedings in the Court of Protection.

The aim of the scheme is to ensure that if you need help you will be advised and represented by:

  • a competent legal practitioner;
  • with a proven track record in mental capacity law; and
  • who is committed to working to agreed standards of practice.

As Chief Assessor, it is Floyd’s role to lead the development of the scheme and the scheme will help drive up standards and increase levels of protection for vulnerable individuals. He will also lead the team of assessors that will select those eligible to join the scheme.

Rachel Turner, Partner and Joint head of the Mental Health and Capacity Department with Floyd, has also been selected as one of the assessors to the scheme.

The involvement of Floyd and Rachel in the scheme is of national significance and places the mental health and capacity department at Miles and Partners at the forefront of developments in this area of practice.

For more information about Floyd’s appointment, or for advice concerning mental health matters more generally, please contact Floyd on 0207 426 0400 or email