Divorce and civil partnership dissolution for high net worth individuals

Bringing a relationship to an end is never easy, but it can be particularly difficult where there is a significant amount of money and property involved, some of which may be tied up in businesses or investments and possibly split between the UK and other countries.

As well as dealing with the difficult questions all separating couples face – such as where you will live, what will happen to the children and how you will cope financially – you have the added challenge of:

  • trying to unravel what are likely to be complicated financial arrangements;
  • ensuring a fair split of matrimonial assets and family wealth in a way that causes as little damage as possible to business interests; and
  • keeping the tax bill low.

Our expert team of family law solicitors in London are used to advising high-net worth couples on their options if you decide to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. Wherever possible we encourage a conciliatory approach, but we will fight hard to ensure our clients get a fair distribution of the assets.   If we need to go to court, we will ensure that you get the highest standards of representation possible to maximise your chances of securing your desired outcome.

Making arrangements for children

Ensuring life for your children remains as normal as possible will be your priority, so we will work hard to sort out living arrangements for children, how much time they will spend with each parent and schooling as soon as we can.

Getting a financial settlement

When it comes to sorting out financial settlement arrangements, we take a forensic approach to determining how much you and your former spouse or partner are worth.   No stone will be left unturned in identifying the true extent of your family’s wealth, particularly in those cases where you suspect your ex may have tried to hide money or property from you.

We can help you obtain expert valuations of businesses, investments and pensions and suggest ways in which an appropriate financial settlement might be achieved.

Which country should I divorce in?

If you or your family have connections with other countries, we can also advise you on whether it might be better for you to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership elsewhere. The rules on financial settlements differ from country to country, with England and Wales known for recognizing the contribution of wives and non-working partners who have sacrificed their careers or given up work to care for their family. Other countries have different, and often less generous tendencies, but there may be aspects about their approach to, for example, child custody that makes them a good choice for you.

Consider mediation

Miles & Partners are leading family mediation solicitors in London and can provide a neutral environment in which you can negotiate amicable agreements face-to-face about arrangements for your children, property and finances without going to court.

Funding the cost of legal advice

We will consider all options to fund the costs of your case, particularly where your former spouse or civil partner is restricting your access to money.

Contact us for expert legal advice

If you are thinking of getting divorced, dissolving your civil partnership or simply separating and the matter is likely to be complicated because of the value of family assets, please contact one of our specialist family law practitioners for advice on how we can help. We are waiting to take your call.