Domestic abuse
you don’t have to face it alone


You do not have to put up with any form of abuse. The law can protect you and you are not alone. One of our experienced, compassionate solicitors, together with a network of support agencies, will support you. Domestic abuse is not restricted to physical attacks, abuse includes

  • verbal insults and taunts
  • exerting financial control over a partner
  • bullying
  • psychological abuse and threats of violence
  • sexual abuse

If you are ever in immediate danger, call the police on 999


When you are in a safe place, you can contact our domestic abuse team at any time, day or night, on 020 7426 0400.

If you are in an abusive relationship or being threatened by a partner, former partner or family member, a member of our specially trained team will aim to see you on the same day you call us.

We can apply to the court for an Injunction (also known as a Non Molestation Order) to protect you and aim to do this on the same day we see you.

The Court can grant an injunction on an emergency basis, on your evidence alone, so by the time your abuser knows about it, the injunction can already be in force and they can be arrested and prosecuted for breaching it. And we have links with other agencies that can offer you further support once an injunction is in place.


Further Protection


Occupation Orders

A court may also grant an order about who can live in your home and oblige someone who is violent to leave the property. The court has the power to transfer the tenancy of rented accommodation to your sole name. Like non-molestation orders, in an emergency, occupation orders can be made without notice.

Protection from Harassment

Your abuser may not be a family member. We can apply for this injunction to protect you from threatening or abusive behaviour or harassment by a friend, colleague or someone connected to you in another way. In an emergency, the Court can grant this injunction without notice.

Warning Letters

If there is not enough evidence for a court to establish a pattern of behaviour or you have not heard from the perpetrator for a considerable time, but remain concerned, we can write a warning letter. This states that the perpetrator’s behaviour is unacceptable and sets out the consequences, including obtaining an injunction, which they may face should they continue.


Funding is available for injunctions if you are on a low income, in receipt of benefits or are completely dependent financially on your partner and he or she is your abuser. Ask us about funding when you contact us.