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News relating to: Divorce and separation

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‘Killing the goose’: divorce and family businesses

We all know the old fable of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, which warns against the dangers of excessive greed. The saying was applied by one family law judge to situations where there is a family business. ...

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Londoners braced for stressful Christmas

A new poll of the UK’s ‘Christmas stress factors’ finds that Londoners, particularly divorced or separated couples, are bracing themselves for a stressful festive season. According to the research 39% say they find Christmas “very stressful” rising to 51% for ...

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Punch & Judy in amicable divorce

Collaborative lawyers from the City of London Practice Group have produced a quirky take on the infamous couple. Punch and Judy started performing in England in 1662, and celebrate 350 years this year. Michelle Uppal one of the producers of the video ...

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Miles & Partners Solicitors & Advocates, London

Miles & Partners expands family services to offer mediation

Miles & Partners are pleased to announce that our divorce and matrimonial finances partner Michelle Uppal now offers mediation services to Miles & Partners’ clients. Michelle recently completed her professional qualification as a family mediator with the Family Mediators Association, ...

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An image of Michelle Uppal, Family law solicitor and mediator

Liz Hurley & that ‘quickie divorce’

Q – When is a “Quickie Divorce” a bit too quick? A – When the Decree Absolute has not been pronounced. Michelle Uppal explains why: Reports that Liz Hurley has obtained a “quickie divorce” from businessman Arun Naya are premature. ...

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No-fault divorce

Resolution through a working party set up by the National Committee are campaigning the government to get no fault divorce back on the agenda. At the moment you can only obtain a divorce by establishing that a marriage has irretrievably ...

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Confiscation orders after T v B Revenue & Customs Prosecutions Office [2008]

What are the considerations if the Revenue and Customs has an interest in the assets in your case? Let us look at two recent cases where a distribution or award of the assets was not possible due to confiscation and ...

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