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News relating to: Divorce and separation

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Don’t let your divorce end up before the Supreme Court

Divorce is a hot topic at the moment with two cases having recently ended up before the Supreme Court because the couples involved could not sort out their differences amicably.  The first case, Mills v Mills, concerned an application by a ...

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Millionaire lands himself in jail after failing to adhere to divorce settlement

Divorcee and property developer John Ralph Hart has found himself on the wrong side of the law after being handed a 14-month jail sentence for ignoring court orders to pay his ex-wife Karen Hart a £3.5 million share of their ...

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I am struggling financially – can I ask my ex for more money?

If you are receiving spousal maintenance from your former husband, wife or civil partner you may be able to ask for an increase in payments if your circumstances have changed and your former spouse or partner can afford it. Michelle ...

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What rights do cohabiting couples have when they separate?

Cohabiting couples have now become the UK’s fastest growing family type, currently numbering approximately 3.3 million. More and more couples are choosing, for whatever reason, to live together without getting married. This may well be an indication of the shifting ...

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The dangers of DIY divorce

In a bid to make the divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships process easier for separating couples to understand, the government is introducing a new set of forms to apply for divorce or dissolution with effect from 7 August this ...

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Do you have authority to take your children on holiday?

For unmarried, separated or divorced parents, taking your child on holiday can require careful negotiation with the other parent, especially if you do not have parental responsibility for your child. Having parental responsibility means that you can make decisions about ...

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New year, divorce on the horizon?

The Christmas and New Year period can be a difficult time for many people; it is an opportunity for family and friends to get together, but it can add to the pressures when a marriage is in trouble. For most family ...

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Different ways to a divorce settlement

When you have taken the difficult step of deciding to divorce, working out your future arrangements for children, property, maintenance payments and shared business interests can lead to a great deal of anguish. If you have not come to an ...

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Mixed gender mediators get best results

In this article, published in The Times’ ‘The Brief’ on 22 November 2016, accredited mediator Michelle Uppal, partner and head of the divorce and finance team at Miles & Partners, looks at the impact of gender on mediation and explores the ...

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