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News relating to: Divorce and separation

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Different ways to a divorce settlement

When you have taken the difficult step of deciding to divorce, working out your future arrangements for children, property, maintenance payments and shared business interests can lead to a great deal of anguish. If you have not come to an ...

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Mixed gender mediators get best results

In this article, published in The Times’ ‘The Brief’ on 22 November 2016, accredited mediator Michelle Uppal, partner and head of the divorce and finance team at Miles & Partners, looks at the impact of gender on mediation and explores the ...

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Dishonesty in divorce and dissolution settlements will not be tolerated, even after death

When a couple divorce, each person will have to sign a financial statement revealing the full extent of their income and assets before they agree how to divide their finances. But what can you do if you suspect your spouse concealed ...

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The tale of the quickie divorce

Billie Piper and Lawrence Fox have had a ‘quickie divorce’ – in only 50 seconds they have gone from being married to being divorced, or so the papers say. On days like today I expect my telephone to ring – ...

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Is Gary Lineker right?

Gary Lineker, who hosts BBC1’s Match Of The Day as well as BT Sport’s Champions League coverage, has recently claimed that lawyers manipulate their involvement to boost their fees and as a result, create ‘hate’ between the parties involved. He ...

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Giving children a voice in family courts

We always imagine that once a case has gone to court that, like it or not, there will ultimately be a decision which must be upheld. In fact, that’s not always true, proven by this long-running case in which there ...

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How quick is a quickie?

On 10th September it was announced via the media that David Walliams and Lara Stone are getting divorced and that they have joined the realms of celebrity divorcing couples in having a “quickie divorce” that, it seems, the rest of ...

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Ex wife can make financial application 30 years after divorce finalised says Supreme Court

The recently reported decision of the Supreme Court of Kathleen Wyatt and Dale Vince highlights the importance of ensuring your matrimonial finances are finalised as soon as possible after the divorce if not contemporaneous with it. In this case Ms ...

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When is a quickie not a quickie?

On 8 April 2014, the world learned, through the media, that Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton are getting divorced and that they have joined the realms of celebrity divorcing couples in having a “quickie divorce” that, it seems, the rest ...

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