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News relating to: Child protection and care proceedings

An image of Amanda Dench, Family lawyer at Miles & Partners in London

Miles & Partners praised for their pro bono work

Miles & Partners have been praised for their willingness to provide pro bono support to a mother facing imprisonment who was ineligible for public funding. Proceedings had been issued by the Solicitor General following the mother’s failure to deliver up ...

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Surrogacy and the law

We have all seen and heard the recent publicity surrounding Sir Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish having a baby boy named Zachary through the medium of surrogacy, but what does this actually mean in practice? Who are ...

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Committee of Ministers in the Council of Europe logo

New European guidelines on child friendly justice

On 17 November 2010, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted new guidelines on child-friendly justice “to serve as a practical tool for member states in adapting their judicial and non-judicial systems to the specific rights, interests ...

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An image of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London

David Jockelson at the House of Commons

David Jockelson attended the House of Commons as part of a roundtable conference of many advice agencies with leading MPs including front bench opposition and a senior LibDem figure. David briefed MPs on the impact of the planned Green Paper ...

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Appoint guardians earlier, please!

Solicitors at Miles & Partners acting in cases relating to children are asking judges to put pressure on CAFCASS to appoint Childrens Guardians earlier. The current shortage of Guardians in care cases is causing serious concern amongst lawyers who represent the children who are ...

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