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Under each of the specialist legal categories listed on the right, you’ll discover cases in which Miles & Partners solicitors have made a difference to the lives of our clients, to the law and to society in general.

Peace in the neighbourhood restored

One set of anti-social neighbours is a nightmare for anyone, but Nikki P and her son were suffering from constant problems arising from a neighbouring house which was managed by the London Borough of Brent housing department. The house was used to accommodate a series of particularly disruptive tenants who were noisy and disruptive, causing…

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The (Ghanaian) family ties that bind

Case report: [2018] EWHC 3625 (Fam) When considering access to justice, it is important that each member of a family which is involved in legal proceedings has proper representation. Partner Kate Hammondrecently acted pro bono for a Ghanaian couple who found themselves far from home in the English family court when they volunteered to provide…

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