The best solicitors are not
necessarily the most expensive


Miles & Partners is dedicated to providing the best possible legal advice, representation and results, regardless of how your case is funded. And we are committed to offering a fair deal to everyone, starting with our free initial consultation.

Choosing a solicitor can be daunting and it is an important decision so we offer an initial consultation to help you to explore your options and decide whether you want Miles & Partners on your side. In this first conversation, we’ll also discuss which funding options are available to you.

Privately Funded Work

This is when you have to pay your own legal fees primarily relationship breakdown and divorce but in other areas too, depending on your means. Our charges are clear cut and competitive. We offer fixed fee packages wherever possible to help you to budget for your case and easy to understand hourly rates where fixed fees are not possible.

Fixed Fees

Although every case is different, and your specific circumstances are unique, our extensive experience has allowed us fix our fees for many kinds of proceedings. A fixed fee can help if your mounting costs are your concern and you would prefer to know up-front how much your case will cost. Contact us to find out more about our fixed fee packages.

Hourly Rates

Fixed fees are not right for every case or indeed for every client and you may prefer to pay an hourly rate. Our fees range from £150/hour for a trainee solicitor or legal assistant to £350/hour for a partner, excluding VAT. We will estimate the cost of your case at the outset and provide regular updates so there are no unwelcome surprises in our bills.

Publicly Funded Work (Legal Aid)

Despite Legal Aid reforms and cut-backs, there are still areas of the law for which public funding means you do not have to pay at all, including representation in Family cases involving Domestic Abuse.

You may also be entitled to public funding for other legal problems depending on your means. If you receive Income Support or income based Jobseekers’ Allowance, or if you are on a very low income, you will not have to pay anything towards your legal fees in most cases.

If you have savings, capital or income, you may still be eligible for legal aid but may have to pay a contribution. Even if you are eligible for legal aid, if money or property is recovered or retained for you, you may be required to repay some or all of the funding out of the recovered assets, so the legal aid simply acts as a loan, known as the statutory charge.

Contact us and we will advise what funding might be available and discuss which payment options might work best for you.