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A move to supported living in Sussex (even during Covid-19)

In April 2020, as the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic had much of the country in lockdown, Kaileigh Hazeldine helped a man relocate to less restrictive accommodation in Sussex.

The man was 69 years old, with a diagnosis of bipolar effective disorder and cognitive impairment, and he had been residing on a nursing unit.

There were plans for him to move to the residential unit within that care home as he did not require nursing care, but he wished to move to Sussex.  As he had made two successful attempts to abscond from the care home, his litigation friend had made a section 21A application to vary or to discharge the Deprivation of Liberty authorisation keeping him in the care home.

A number of alternative accommodation options were considered and arrangements were made for our client and his family to visit two proposed placements.

In December 2020, it was agreed that it was in his best interests to move to a care home in Sussex which was able to meet his needs and willing to take him out into the community on a regular basis.

As the proceedings took place throughout the pandemic, Kaileigh had to keep the client updated regularly by telephone and she liaised with the local authority and the family remotely throughout.  She also had to keep abreast of the ever-changing Covid Regulations and guidance.

As everyone was in agreement at each stage of the proceedings, an attended hearing was not required and the court was able to progress the case and make final orders on the papers.

As a result of the proceedings, our client moved to a more suitable and less restrictive placement in an area where he wished to live and where his family could visit him regularly.

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Kayleigh Hazeldine, Mental health & capacity solicitor, Miles & Partners

Kaileigh Hazeldine

Associate Solicitor
Mental Health & Capacity Department

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