Looking after your children
when your relationship breaks down


Within our Family Law team we have a dedicated Children Team to ensure that the best possible arrangements are made for children both during and after your separation. We negotiate to reach agreeable solutions regarding who the children should live with, who they should have contact with and how often.

Our experience shows that children benefit in the long-term if parents resolve their disputes by agreement. Solicitors in the team are members of Resolution, an organisation which promotes a constructive and conciliatory approach to resolving family problems.

If a conciliatory approach is not possible or proves unsuccessful we are always ready to advise on possible applications to the court for orders which can help manage the care of and contact with your children including


Contact Order

A contact order determines who your child can have contact with. Parents, grandparents and other family members can make an application.

Residence Order

A residence order determines who your child is to live with. Usually made in respect of one person, you can also apply in respect of two people, meaning your child will divide his or her time between two homes. A residence order can affect your right to take your child abroad and Miles & Partners can offer full advice on the impact of such an order.

Specific Issue Order

When an application for a Specific Issue Order is made, the court is asked to determine a very particular matter for example your child’s education, medical care, religion or any other dispute regarding your child that you cannot agree between yourselves.

Prohibited Steps Order

Similar to a Specific Issue Order, a Prohibited Steps Order deals with things that one party should be prevented from doing for example

  • taking your child out of the country
  • allowing your child contact with a particular person
  • collecting your child from school

Prohibited Steps Orders can be applied to a wide range of circumstances and we can provide clear and direct advice about when an order might be appropriate.


We are very experienced in dealing with cases of family breakdown and the impact they can have on children.

Whether you are seeking simple, objective advice about an issue affecting your children, or have a complicated family dispute that you cannot face on your own, our family team will be happy to advise you on how to achieve the best outcome when you contact us.